Beer Float Showdown II

What do you think of when you hear “beer float”? Guinness + Vanilla?  Yeah that’s probably right.  That’s the standard.  I’m about to blow your mind.  My friend Christine and I went to Verdugo for FoodGPS’ Beer Float Showdown Part Deux.  It’s an unassuming bar nestled in an adorable and very California neighborhood with giant palm tree lined streets on the way to Burbank.  If there hadn’t been a guy outside and two food trucks (Mandoline Grill and The Manila Machine), I never would have known there was anything going on when I walked in the door.  Once we walked through the bar and into the backyard area it was obvious why we came.  What a better way to ignore that Monday morning sneaking ever closer than to go drink beer and help out charity in the process?  Now to the good stuff…

Us at the showdown! Pic from http://www.drinkeattravel.com

The Contenders:

  1. Simmzy’s:
    Offering: Cherry ice cream, snickerdoodle cookie, and unknown lighter beer.
    Opinion: The cherries were nice, but the ice cream was a little too icey.  The cookie was delicious until it got soggy, at which point no amount of sugar or snicker would save it.  The beer just didn’t go with it.  It was almost citrusy, and not full bodied enough to match up against the pure dessert action going on with the add-ins.  I was kind of disappointed.  It sounded so good.
  2. Ladyface Alehouse:
    Offering: Chocolate/cherry ice cream, darker ale(?), beer reduction drizzle, toffee chips(?)
    Opinion: The scoop I got didn’t have ANY cherries in it.  Weird.  The match of darker beer with the chocolate was nice.  The beer reduction was just a little too thick and congealed at the bottom of my cup.  I really liked the candy chips.  They were a nice texture switch from all the liquid.
  3. Boneyard Bistro:
    Offering: Apple beer, salted caramel ice cream, topped with an apple slice with crumbles
    Opinion: Um, can they come hang out at my house and make these for me when I get home from work?  These were effing awesome.  Usually apple or fruit heavy beers get to be too much quickly, but the pairing of the salted caramel fixed that.  It was something I would want on a summer picnic date with Cy.  It’s part dessert part refreshing libation; pure perfection.  This was a perfect 10 beer float, as well as the clear winner for me.
  4. Tony’s Darts Away:
    Offering: organic citrusy beer, 1/2 a lime with vegan sorbet/sherbet (not sure which one), fancy salted straw to stir in.
    Opinion: This is the perfect beach party mashup.  It’s like a new interpretation of a standard Corona with lime, but way more delicious.  The fancy salt achieved the same as in Boneyard Bistro’s, and mitigated what could have been an overpowering sweetness.  The 1/2 a lime completed with a 1/2 scoop of lime sherbet was an adorable presentation, but the sherbet was too heavy and flipped the lime on top.  This may have been intentional to make it melt and mix into the beer, but I don’t know.  Either way it was delicious.

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